Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back and Vindicated

Hello all. Sorry for my quick departure a few months back. I have returned now and will try to update often.

I woke up this morning to find out that Ethiopia had sent fighters in from the sky to bomb Islamist positions in Somalia (Ethiopia claims they are backed by Eritrea).

If you all remember, more than 5 months ago I was claiming that the Islamists in Somalia would force another war. And today, appearing in the Washington Post, appeared the title: "target=_blank"Somalia Islamists Should be Stopped
If you look through my archives you'll find plenty on Somalia - the question now is "will anyone do anything about it?".

If it becomes a full-out war engulfing the entire Horn of Africa, the first step will be a complete no-go zone for unauthorized ships. But who will patrol? The Saudis? Indians? Americans? Eventually sides will have to be picked. Iran/Hezbollah will continue training Somali terrorists, who will pose a threat to European/American interests, especially if the US starts backing the Ethiopians. Another great worry - materials moving through Somalia - and on to other destinations.

Like I said, I believe, eventually, Americans will be in Somalia again. This is what happens when you cut and run to save polls. This is what happens when the UN is entrusted with a country as geopolitically important and unstable as Somalia.

Remember: I called it 5 months ago. I'm telling you this...the story will get bigger and so will the threat to the rest of the world.

Chalk one up for the Islamists.


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Good to have you back Mr.S!!!

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