Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Red Dawn of War

Growing up I could (and still can) watch Red Dawn over and over again. For any of you who are either too young to remember the Cold War or for some reason unbeknownst to G-d haven’t seen the greatest movie ever made, it’s about the fight of a bunch of high school kids against the invading forces of Soviet-Latin American soldiers in the U.S - WWIII. As a little kid, pre-Red Dawn, I remember playing in the playground, seeing the white line of a passenger jet and running with the other kids in mock preparation for the Russian invasion. Growing up in the Cold War offered a sense of right and wrong, good and evil. The kids in Red Dawn were fighting evil, defending their homes and families. Yes, they were guerillas, but that’s not important. It’s the message.

So of course my world of right and wrong disappeared one day back in August, 1991. Then there was only right, and subsequently only self. But then I found myself in Israel – and I rediscovered what is worth fighting for and where I belong. This last war was especially difficult to watch, having friends fighting while you sit at home because you haven’t been called up. It is now even more difficult when, the day after the cease-fire takes effect and Hezbollah says it will not disarm and we don’t do anything about it, our Minister of Defense talks about talking with Palestinians, it is revealed that the Chief of Staff was at the bank selling stocks 3 hours after two soldiers were kidnapped on the day fighting broke out up north, another minister is indicted and yet another is under investigation. All the while, over 100 boys (and one girl) in uniform have fallen. Our goals were not achieved. Syria and Iran openly warn Israel not to try anything, or face more hostilities.

This war did not turn out well for us. It has hurt our deterrent power. We have seen disorganization and failure of leadership on the military and political levels. More than anything some Israelis are having trouble in continuing to believe. Don’t get me wrong. I do. But you hear things.

Which brings me back to Red Dawn. There was no political echelon in Red Dawn directing the movements of the American freedom fighters. There was a will that would not die. There was knowing what had to be done and doing it. There was purpose. This we have in Israel, and no matter what the situation of our political establishment or military or anything else, this we will always have. For now, we should be getting for the next round. It’s coming. Soon.


Photo Source: http://victoryatseaonline.com/war/reddawn.html


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