Thursday, August 10, 2006

UN Policy Closer to Resulting in New Islamist Terror State

The UN policy regarding Somalia is failing. Correction: The UN policy regarding Somalia will create a new Islamist state in the Horn of Africa. That is a failure, a loss, for the powers of freedom fighting this new world war. The UN will be happy so long as a cease-fire can be reached.

While the world watches (and tries to stop) Israel fighting terrorists, Somalia is being forgotten. Somalia will become a new HUB for terror. The US was in Somalia once. After a few Blackhawks went down and soldiers bodies were dragged through the streets and mutilated (an apparent custom in Muslim countries) they left. They'll be back, because no one else has the will to fight. From UPI

The simmering stand-off between the weak Transitional Federal Government and the Islamic Courts that control the capital, Mogadishu, could lapse into renewed fighting, paving the way for jihadist forces that may include al-Qaida, an International Crisis Group report released Thursday warns.

The TFG, based in Baidoa, some 150 miles away from the restive capital, must broaden its base by reaching out to moderate elements of the Islamic Courts and other influential leaders to get the lawless East African country back on track, Crisis Group said. Somalia has been without a functioning government since 1991.


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