Sunday, August 06, 2006

15 Dead, over 100 Injured

12 reserve soldiers were killed by a direct hit from a katushya rocket today.

Long-range missiles fired from the Lebanese city of Tyre hit Haifa and killed 3, injuring over 100.

Hezbollah is escalating the conflict on the day that the UN is working on a draft ceasefire resolution.

Syrian foreign minister hopes to fight in the resistance. The Jerusalem Post online reported that

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem crossed into Lebanon Sunday for the first visit by a top Syrian official in more than a year, Lebanon's state news agency said.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting with his Lebanese counterpart, Fawzi Salloukh, Moallem said "Syria is ready for the possibility of a regional war if the Israeli aggression continues."

He added that a US-French draft resolution to end the war "adopted Israel's point of view only." Underlining his support for Hizbullah, Moallem said, "as Syria's foreign minister I hope to be a soldier in the resistance.


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