Saturday, January 13, 2007

Iran Raises Voting Age - Stop the Vote!

What's the easiest way to ensure that your messianic, spit-in-the-face-of-the-West, Armageddon-hungry, Holocaust denying yet longing-to-carry-one-out President does not suffer another humiliating defeat in local elections and is no longer threatened by freedom-seeking youth? Stop the Vote.

Iran has raised its voting age from 15-18. 15 quiet young, you think? Let's not forget that our Islamist friends used to send children in suicide waves by the thousands to fight the Iraqis back in the 80's.

Is the regime being precautious - afraid of this voting block? I'm curious what the respect-other-cultures and celebrate-them-with-acceptance lefties would say to this one. The right to vote? or Acceptance? The right to vote (i.e. democratic rights)? or non-intervention? Democratic rights for people in the Middle East -oops! or .... You get the point.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Action with Iran

In the last few minutes we've learned that there have been several loud and powerful explosions in Southern Iran in the Khuzestan province, heavily populated by Arabs. The U.S. army has raided an Iranian government representative office in Iraq and made several arrests. The IDF has found several RPGs along the Northern border with Lebanon.

All this hours after U.S. President George W. Bush outlines his new plan for success in Iraq and at the same time that IAEA inspectors are in Iran.

These events may have no direct corrilation to one another, but let's not forget that last summer's Lebanon war was initiated by Hezbollah, Iran's proxy, on the day that the UN was to begin dealing with Iran's deadline and that the party behind the majority of unrest in the Middle East today is Iran.

Monday, January 08, 2007

US Airstrikes in Somalia

Finally, the U.S. is hitting A.Q. in Somalia. Understandably, the U.S. has been hesitant to get involved in Somalia. What? Isn't A.Q. running wild with those gat-chewing, gun-toating Somalis who managed to murder 18 U.S. soldiers? And yes, those soldiers, in Somalia under international mandate were murdered, not to mention butchered.

I argued a while back that Somalia was a pink elephant. No one wanted to get near it. In the end, Ethiopia couldn't risk the elephant backing up into its backward so it went in to take care of the problem. This doesn't mean the problem is taken care of. Let's not forget that the Taliban fell relatively quickly but some of them are still around and kicking.

What this strike does do is show that yes, Virginia, there is another front in the Global War on Terror (i.e. WWIII) and it's in Africa. So, we have terrorists running around North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, the Caucuses, the Asiatic islands, Indonesia, etc...that's a nice world map right there.

Way to go, Mr. Bush, for hitting A.Q. wherever they are. If only there weren't a handful of countries fighting this fight.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Will CAIR ever Care? Don't Hold Your Breath

I came across this on the website for CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations (I thought that Muslims of America were both - I guess they are Muslims and the rest are infedel Americans). In the entire statement, as listed on CAIR's site, not one acknowledgement of the Holocaust was made - neither the extent nor its consequences. There is only "disappointment" with Iran - not outrage; not condemnation; not disassociation and calls for sanctions. But that would be too much, wouldn't it - to expect Muslims to condemn Muslims - but aren't they supposed to be Americans?

Here's what appeared:

CAIR in the News
Tuesday, December 26, 2006

CAIR-CA: Iran Disappoints with Conference

Source: Sacramento Bee
Click here to view full text ...


Re "Defiling history: Iran showcases Holocaust deniers," Dec. 14: As a Muslim American and on behalf of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Sacramento Valley, I'm terribly disappointed that the government of Iran hosted a conference where many of the invited guests were known Holocaust deniers.

Regardless of the attempt to provoke American and Israeli sentiments for the minimization of Arab suffering in the Middle East, minimizing and denying the suffering of Jews during World War II is not only painful, but dangerous. It also goes against the Quran's injunction on Muslims to stand up for justice, even if it is against themselves (4:135).

If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to make a political statement about Iraq, Palestine or even Zionism, let him do so without falling into something that the Quran warned about "O you who believe! Be upright for Allah, bearers of witness with justice, and let not hatred of a people incite you not to act equitably; act equitably, that is nearer to piety, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is aware of what you do" (5:8).

-- Dina El-Nakhal, Davis

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back and Vindicated

Hello all. Sorry for my quick departure a few months back. I have returned now and will try to update often.

I woke up this morning to find out that Ethiopia had sent fighters in from the sky to bomb Islamist positions in Somalia (Ethiopia claims they are backed by Eritrea).

If you all remember, more than 5 months ago I was claiming that the Islamists in Somalia would force another war. And today, appearing in the Washington Post, appeared the title: "target=_blank"Somalia Islamists Should be Stopped
If you look through my archives you'll find plenty on Somalia - the question now is "will anyone do anything about it?".

If it becomes a full-out war engulfing the entire Horn of Africa, the first step will be a complete no-go zone for unauthorized ships. But who will patrol? The Saudis? Indians? Americans? Eventually sides will have to be picked. Iran/Hezbollah will continue training Somali terrorists, who will pose a threat to European/American interests, especially if the US starts backing the Ethiopians. Another great worry - materials moving through Somalia - and on to other destinations.

Like I said, I believe, eventually, Americans will be in Somalia again. This is what happens when you cut and run to save polls. This is what happens when the UN is entrusted with a country as geopolitically important and unstable as Somalia.

Remember: I called it 5 months ago. I'm telling you this...the story will get bigger and so will the threat to the rest of the world.

Chalk one up for the Islamists.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Red Dawn of War

Growing up I could (and still can) watch Red Dawn over and over again. For any of you who are either too young to remember the Cold War or for some reason unbeknownst to G-d haven’t seen the greatest movie ever made, it’s about the fight of a bunch of high school kids against the invading forces of Soviet-Latin American soldiers in the U.S - WWIII. As a little kid, pre-Red Dawn, I remember playing in the playground, seeing the white line of a passenger jet and running with the other kids in mock preparation for the Russian invasion. Growing up in the Cold War offered a sense of right and wrong, good and evil. The kids in Red Dawn were fighting evil, defending their homes and families. Yes, they were guerillas, but that’s not important. It’s the message.

So of course my world of right and wrong disappeared one day back in August, 1991. Then there was only right, and subsequently only self. But then I found myself in Israel – and I rediscovered what is worth fighting for and where I belong. This last war was especially difficult to watch, having friends fighting while you sit at home because you haven’t been called up. It is now even more difficult when, the day after the cease-fire takes effect and Hezbollah says it will not disarm and we don’t do anything about it, our Minister of Defense talks about talking with Palestinians, it is revealed that the Chief of Staff was at the bank selling stocks 3 hours after two soldiers were kidnapped on the day fighting broke out up north, another minister is indicted and yet another is under investigation. All the while, over 100 boys (and one girl) in uniform have fallen. Our goals were not achieved. Syria and Iran openly warn Israel not to try anything, or face more hostilities.

This war did not turn out well for us. It has hurt our deterrent power. We have seen disorganization and failure of leadership on the military and political levels. More than anything some Israelis are having trouble in continuing to believe. Don’t get me wrong. I do. But you hear things.

Which brings me back to Red Dawn. There was no political echelon in Red Dawn directing the movements of the American freedom fighters. There was a will that would not die. There was knowing what had to be done and doing it. There was purpose. This we have in Israel, and no matter what the situation of our political establishment or military or anything else, this we will always have. For now, we should be getting for the next round. It’s coming. Soon.


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Monday, August 14, 2006

Possible Fox Kidnapping in Gaza

Haaretz online is reporting that witnesses have said two Fox journalists in Gaza have been kidnapped.

Remeber that Islamist War I've Been Warning Everyone About?

Lebanon, Afghanistan, Israel, Chechnya, Philippines, Indonesia, Somalia, Iraq, US......

From SomaliaNet:

Ethiopian troops to fight Islamists in Somalia Beledwein town
Mon. August 14, 2006 10:15 am.
Mohamed Abdi Farah

(SomaliNet) Large number of Ethiopian troops were reported to have occupied on Monday settlements of Hiran region in west of Somalia bordering with Ethiopia to help the defeated warlords back the country. Confirmed reports say.

Around 30 battle wagons and heavily armed troops from Ethiopia came this morning in Kala-Beyrka and Jawil districts near Beledwiene town, 335 km west of the Somalia capital Mogadishu, local witness told Somalinet.

Reports say the Ethiopian troops were accompanied by militia loyal to former ousted leaders in the region who want t recapture Beledweine town.

“We are in state of shock because of the Ethiopian occupation in our land,” one of the residents said.

The fear is mounting among the residents over the deployment of Ethiopian troops there and it is much likely to clash with militia of Islamic Courts.

“We have ordered our fighters to get all alert to fight Ethiopian troops if they try to enter the town,” One of Islamic commanders said “we will defeat the Ethiopians and its puppets and make them regret Insha-Allah,”

Sources close to former defeated Beledwein governor say the Ethiopian troops are determined to reach Beledwein town and capture it and will hand over to pervious authority.

It is the largest movements by Ethiopian troops this time to be closer to Beledwein town, with residents worry that they will be caught by gunfire.

Local elders and intellectuals appealed both rival sides in the region to refrain from any action that might lead more bloodshed and disaster and solve any conflict through peaceful means.