Monday, August 14, 2006

Remeber that Islamist War I've Been Warning Everyone About?

Lebanon, Afghanistan, Israel, Chechnya, Philippines, Indonesia, Somalia, Iraq, US......

From SomaliaNet:

Ethiopian troops to fight Islamists in Somalia Beledwein town
Mon. August 14, 2006 10:15 am.
Mohamed Abdi Farah

(SomaliNet) Large number of Ethiopian troops were reported to have occupied on Monday settlements of Hiran region in west of Somalia bordering with Ethiopia to help the defeated warlords back the country. Confirmed reports say.

Around 30 battle wagons and heavily armed troops from Ethiopia came this morning in Kala-Beyrka and Jawil districts near Beledwiene town, 335 km west of the Somalia capital Mogadishu, local witness told Somalinet.

Reports say the Ethiopian troops were accompanied by militia loyal to former ousted leaders in the region who want t recapture Beledweine town.

“We are in state of shock because of the Ethiopian occupation in our land,” one of the residents said.

The fear is mounting among the residents over the deployment of Ethiopian troops there and it is much likely to clash with militia of Islamic Courts.

“We have ordered our fighters to get all alert to fight Ethiopian troops if they try to enter the town,” One of Islamic commanders said “we will defeat the Ethiopians and its puppets and make them regret Insha-Allah,”

Sources close to former defeated Beledwein governor say the Ethiopian troops are determined to reach Beledwein town and capture it and will hand over to pervious authority.

It is the largest movements by Ethiopian troops this time to be closer to Beledwein town, with residents worry that they will be caught by gunfire.

Local elders and intellectuals appealed both rival sides in the region to refrain from any action that might lead more bloodshed and disaster and solve any conflict through peaceful means.


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