Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Attacks Israel Again

Cindy Sheehan is dangerous. She's dangerous because her rhetoric has been brought into the mainstream by those who are taking over the Democratic Party from practical and realistic thinkers and setting new agendas. We can see this in Senator Joe Liberman's defeat at the polls last night.

I am addressing Sheehan's attack on Israel, whose military operates with some of the highest codes of conduct of any army - ever. Sheehan asserts that Israel is massacring Lebanese and Palestinians. Semantics are important here. Is a massacre just that because of the number killed or because of intent or both? The word is thrown around with such ease that it has nearly lost any and all meaning. She wrote on Michael Moore's website (big surprise here) that

What Israel is doing in Lebanon by killing hundreds of innocent civilians in a relatively short period of time is like the US defending itself from the tens of thousands of innocent babies, women and children in Iraq. It is morally reprehensible and just an extension of BushCo's campaign to enrich the voracious war profiteers.

This is where I should have stopped reading. If Sheehan really believes that Israel is simply an extension of "BushCo's" campaign, that Israel has no will of its own, that Israel does not act in the interest of Jews surrounded by a sea of hostile Muslims who wish to kill them, then the real problem lay in how many people support her.

Sheehan has referred to our efforts to stop terrorists as

barbaric Israeli attacks. Tyre is one city and we viewed the mass grave days ago. Tyre and the rest of the country are being relentlessly bombed for the sins of a few which is a crime against humanity.

Apparently Sheehan is a judge and jury as well. It's amazing how many people, who have not studied law, are experts in the area of war crimes.

Sheehan says

I mourn for the murders of the Israeli people, which are just as tragic (but not more tragic) and done just as barbarically (but not more barbarically) as the murders that Israel is committing in this needless violence...

Really Cindy? Do you mourn? How? By sitting shiva for seven days for each Israeli killed? You don't mourn us, Cindy. You do not have that right. We don't need you to mourn us.

Oh, and Cindy, you may want to get your facts straight.
What our media and some world leaders seem to expediently forget is that Israel massacred an entire family on a beach in Lebanon with a rocket and kidnapped two Palestinian citizens before Hezbollah and Hamas kidnapped some Israeli soldiers.
The incident you're describing with a rocket and a beach in Lebanon - never happened. You're thinking of a Palestinian family who was killed by either old, unexploded ordanance or by terrorist explosives either hidden in the beach. Please refresh my memory - which two Palestinian citizens are being referred to?


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