Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Know Anything About Hezbollah?

I received this from a loyal reader in Washington, D.C. Please!!!! Watch the video at the link below before reading...

Soon, you will learn, if you haven't already, that there was an 8 hour gap between the time that the IAF took out a rocket-launching site and the time housing at that site collapsed, the one you've been reading or hearing about, killing many noncombatants, including children.
You probably already know that well in advance of the time the site was taken out, all residents were advised by Israel to absent themselves from the area because it was going to be attacked.
I've been trying to find, in vain, evidence of any
  1. instances when the UN or any country asked Hizbullah to exercise proportional restraint when attacking Israel, either over the years or recently, and take precautions that its attacks on Israel not be aimed at civilian areas;
  2. instances when Lebanon asked the UN or any country to help it enforce compliance with the September 2, 2004 UN Resolution 1559, which, among other things, required Hizbullah to rid itself of its weaponry;
  3. instances where the UN made any effort to enforce 1559;
  4. instances where the UN observers who manned posts in south Lebanon reported that rockets, any of the thousands of them, were being delivered to Hizbullah; or
  5. instances where the UN instructed Iran and Syria not to participate in the delivery of weaponry to Hizbullah, either before or after its Resolution 1559.
If you can send me a link to a site that shows any of these bulleted items to have occurred, I would be most grateful.
Thank you.
Julian Tepper
Responses may be emailed to: exitthecave@gmail.com


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