Tuesday, July 25, 2006

UPDATE: Peace Talks in Somalia - Victory for Islamists - The UN at Work

Reuters is reporting that the Somali Interim Government has agreed to peace talks with Islamist rebels - with no preconditions. The UN is about to assist in achieving for Somalia what is desired by so many for Israel - failure. Israel, however, is strong enough to demand conditions and refuse to negotiate a ceasefire with terrorists. The U.S. understands the need to fight terror. It seems that while one battle in the Global War is being fought - and will hopefully be won - another is about to be lost. Terrorists see concessions as weakness and small victories on the way to a larger glorious Islamic world. The U.S. has fought in Somalia before. It appears it may have to again in the future. Excerpts from Reuters:

"We will go to Khartoum without any preconditions," said Abdirizak Adam, interim President Abdullahi Yusuf's chief of staff, after talks with a senior U.N. envoy in the government's base in the provincial town of Baidoa.

From their stronghold in the capital, the Islamists said they were committed to talks, adding that their delegates were in Khartoum waiting for government representatives.

"We are still committed to a negotiated settlement with the TFG (transitional federal government)," the statement said.


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