Monday, July 24, 2006

SHEIKH SHARIF AHMED - who is this guy?

Somali Islamists claimed another vicotry for the forces of terror. After claiming parts of the country from the government, a truce was reached. ETHIOPIAN troops are now coming in to save the day.

Here's what the BBC has to say about him:

In the mid-1980s, he went to Sudan for his higher education. There he attended the Kurdufan University at Dalanji and he majored in geography and Arabic language.

Mr Ahmed became chairman of the regional court in Jowhar but the alliance with Mr Dhere - a key member of the Anti-Terror Alliance, who still controls Jowhar - did not last long and he fled Jowhar for Mogadishu where he started teaching at Jubba Secondary school.

Although his group is in charge of the capital, the war for Mogadishu may not be over, as there are fears that the fighting might degenerate into inter-clan warfare.

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed nevertheless sounds confident that Islam will always have the upper hand.

Wierd...Al Jazeera English calls them Islamists. I'm going to get Leon on this one to see how they're referred to in the A.J. Arabic press.


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