Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rep. Jim Cooper Owes Israel an Apology

Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper, Democrat from Tennessee, in an interview on Sunday, July 30, on Cable TV news, referred to the 100+ rockets falling on Israel day after day as nothing more than large "firecrackers". The Congressman owes the people of Israel, who have been sitting in bomb shelters for weeks, and the families of those killed by ball-bearing filled weapons aimed at civilian targets, an apology - a public apology.

Any readers from Tennessee or with friends/family there are encouraged to send demands for an apology to the congressman's office through his website at: I don't believe his reaction would be the same were the rockets falling on Nashville.


Anonymous EIA said...

The House Resolution to support Israel wasnt enough. Rep Cooper has done great things in Tennessee, such as increasing federal funds for redevelopment of the inner cities...You might want to learn about the man a little more before criticising him.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Mr. S said...


One need not consider all the actions or policies when criticizing the Congressman for a statement regarding a subject as specific as terror rockets hitting Israel.

I also don't think the Congressman would be so happy for it to be public knowledge that supporters supporters such as yourself hold in such high regard Communists and Hugo Chavez, let alone terrorists. I'm assuming the nazi-esque political cartoons on YOUR site ('t sit to well with him either.

9:46 AM  

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