Thursday, July 27, 2006

Iran Daily Threatens More Surprises

The Iran Daily, an English-language publication, has published a "perspective" piece by Mohammad Reza Erfanian which is worthy of note for two reasons.

1) The piece suggests three times the existence further and as-of-yet unused weapons in Hezbollah's arsenal.
At a time when Hezbollah has shown only a part of its military prowess in confronting Tel Aviv'’s deadly military machine, Zionist premier, Ehud Olmert and Shimon Perez are showing signs of frustration and possibly fear.

Unlike Tel Aviv, which has started a dangerous war and save for nuclear weapons used all its offensive military might, Hezbollah has made known only a part of its ability yet managed to cripple the Zionists.

Even if a ceasefire takes hold, few doubt Israel will be able to bully and intimidate the popular resistance group again. Colossal damage has been done to the Zionists and Hezbollah says the worse is still to come.
Israeli Defense Forces have found Iranian weaponry in Southern Lebanon. Iran is a known supporter of Hezbollah.

2) Not only Israel is cited, but its "bankrollers" in the U.S. and Europe are also mentioned.
Israel'’s bankrollers in Washington, Berlin, Paris and London, only to name a few, are working hard for disarming Hezbollah sooner rather than later and pushing it further away from southern Lebanon and the ’border with Israel.
The Israel-Hezbollah War is about much more than Israel and Hezbollah. This war is the first pain of a coming international crisis. The need to deal with Iran is not an Israeli one alone. It is one the world must face toegther.


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